Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lady Liberty – An American Woman – Immigrant from France

On this, the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11, I want to point to an American woman, who as an immigrant herself has welcomed thousands into New York City and the United States. Lady Liberty was a gift to the United States in 1886 by the French people. She was presented in recognition of friendship between the two countries. Lady Liberty is officially known as “Liberty Enlightening the World”. The statue was designed by French sculpture Frederic Auguste Bartholdi.
No matter how discouraged I become when I hear someone trashing my beloved country I look to the many thousands of people who traveled to this America to make her their new home. How many other countries in the world have consistently had people coming to its shores to make a new life?
It has been reported that over 90 countries were represented in the Twin Towers on 9/11. They chose to be in America that day and therefore became victims of hate. I will never understand that hate; I do not want to. As many haters before have blamed their evil deeds on God’s direction so the 9/11 monsters did the same. They are as spoiled brats, still blaming their parents for their bad behavior.
I believe terrorists are jealous of the type of life we as American citizens enjoy. No, our country is not perfect. The U.S. has many problems; however, there has been no other country in the world like America. If the terrorists really believed in themselves and their man-made god, they would have no concern how other countries go about their business. However, they are angry, spiteful, green-eyed bullies who will not stop spreading their hate.
Perhaps when the United States has proven enough times that we will not kowtow to haters they will get the point, but I doubt it. Haters such as those on 9/11 have no concept of freedom and what the Statue of Liberty stands for and never will.

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